Whasssup badasses  Sorry so late today but I have been a busy pug - Mum and Dad were out cycling and I was rabbit sitting - not sitting on the rabbit you understand but being the boss of it while the human beans were out! I am particularly good at rabbit sitting - I just told it stories about my country and filled it's pretty wee head full of facts that Alfie has taught me - I think he enjoyed it but as he doesn't speak very good English it's hard to tell 

It is a gorgeous day today - really really hot! It is also Antonio's happy birthday so we are having spanish cream with cake later  I really don't think my brother should have any though - he really is becoming a tank! two christmas dinners in one day didn't help and he has been stuffing his wee hairy gub ever since like a pug who thinks the world is going to end - Mum said he really will have to catch himself on - he said it's just a wee bit of holiday weight and nothing to worry about!

Ahh gang I so wish you could all hear my dad trying to speak to Antonio - it is the funniest thing ........ Dad speaks very very little Spanish and Antonio speaks very little English - Dad has decided if he puts an 'o' at the end of all the english words Antonio is bound to understand lol ......... then, if that fails to work, Dad just puts all the Spanish words he does know into a sentence and poor Antonio just looks at him as if he is half baked - it really is funny  

They are away for a walk just now with my brother and sisters - ohhh to be a fly on the wall hee hee hee hee hee  

Hasta mañana por la mañana mis amigos mejores 

besos y abrazos

Loca Elizabeth Orr (LBL) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Coralie parsell
27/12/2013 16:24:28

Loca you are just sooo cute!


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