Buenos dias mis amigos 

We have had an eventful 12 hours - last night my dad kicked Layla in the hairy gub!! He was telling Robyn about him going to the DIY shop yesterday to buy some stuffs for the HoW - he spent ages and ages finding all the things he wanted but when he eventually got to the till the man wouldn't let him pay by credit card without any identification, which Dad didn't have. 

He was raging because it only came to 44 euros so he tried to tell the man it was hardly a fortune (I would love to have been a fly on the wall for that one lol) Anyway, he was gesticulating to Robyn about how he felt like kicking the man in his dingly danglers and he kicked out his foot and it landed squarely on Layla's poor gub - the poor donkey dog nearly shat self! There she was minding her own business, having a wee think to herself and she gets a boot in the bake! 

Then, if that wasn't bad enough, when we were out for our walk before bed my mum smacked me!! Yes, you heard me correctly - smacked me on my hairy bum!!!! All I did was try to jump out of my pram - she warned me if I did it again she would smack me but I thunked she was just joking - I NEVER get smacked - I am a fecking special wee pug who can't run and I shouldn't ever be smacked - anyway, I took another flying leap to try to get out of the pram and she smacked me one on the bum! It was my turn to nearly shat self! What is wrong with the naughty step? Surely that is a more suitable punishment for a poor wee special dog? I am going to phone the Spanish Social services and report her - I would imagine she will get put in jail for a day or two - that's just what she needs to have time to think about her behaviour!!!! 

So all in all it wasn't a good evening for me or Layla - but at least Layla's was an accident ......... I was cruelly beaten to a pulp for nothing!!! 

We are having a very quiet day today  I am in the fake depression and Layla is milking to death the fact that Dad kicked her - she keeps looking at him with a big sad face and he is feeling really guilty - he keeps stroking her and saying he is sorry - no such apologies for me  

Right, time to get my grump on - I am particularly brilliant at the fake depression - she will be all over me in no time yooooooooo
29/12/2013 04:20:12

Sounds like it is time to go home Loca. Poor Da must feel like poo having accidentally kicked Layla ... then you jump out of your stroller. That is danagerous for you and I am sure that Mum was scared too, giving you a swat to make the rule clear that you shouldn't jump out of your stroller. We all love you and cannot wait for each daily story so stay safe, and be well.

Mary Strong
29/12/2013 23:34:32

Are the Orr's homesick yet?


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