Hey, my darlings :-)

At long last, proper internet.  We are in a travelling campsite on our way to Alicante - it is ok, but dogs have to be on leads - we HATE leads - we believe they take away our freedom of expression!  

The boss of this campsite doesn't speak a single word of English so we got to practice all our Spanish on him - to be honest though, right now, we aren't sure if we are booked in here for one night or one month lol .......... 

Mind you, earlier today Lucy could have done with a lead - she jumped out of the HoW before she was allowed to!!!  The main rule we have on this holiday is that no dog is allowed to jump out of the HoW until mum or dad have checked it is safe.  Mum opened the door to have a look and Lucy jumped straight out past her!  

Mum was furious and smacked her on the bum ..... Lucy nearly shat self - she NEVER gets a smack .... she immediately got back in but went in a huff with mum.  She said she wasn't ever going to speak to mum again until she apologised but mum said a smack on the bum is way better than a dead dog! After a wee while Lucy had to agree with her and they made friends - since then though she has had to be called out the door :-) 

Alfie is also being a bit difficult - he has decided he is allergic to Spanish dog food and therefore must be fed human bean food.  Dad explained that the food he is getting isn't Spanish as it was brought from Asda at home!  Alfie said it doesn't taste the same in Spain and if he is not allowed human bean food he will starve himself to dead ..... so far, they have been giving in to him so the rest of us are going to try the same thing tomorrow :-)  

We really are having a lovely time - me and Layla have had no issues whatsoever and we are loving it.  Layla is collecting stones nearly everytime we stop - she now has  5 of them ...... Dad said this will have to stop as we will soon be overweight if she keeps going.  She has agreed not to collect anymore as long as she is allowed to keep the ones she has got as she has become very attached to them - she is a weird dog sometimes - she has them all lying on her bed and then she lies on top of them - I can think of nothing worse than lying on a pile of stones - ah well, each to their own.

The sleeping arrangements have been excellent - not so great for mum and dad as they are still complaining of being coldy at night because 'the bloody pugs' (that might be us) are bringing all the duvet into the middle - we have told them not to worry about it as they will get used to it :-) 

The weather has been really lovely - nice and warm during the day but very cold at night - but that's ok because it is really cosy inside our HoW.

Tomorrow we are driving to just North of Alicante where we are going to book into a campsite up to Christmas - Dad said he is looking forward to getting stopped as he is tired driving.  Mum offered to take over but he said he will never be THAT tired driving - she pretended to be cross but she was secretly relieved - she told me she would have peed her pants if he had said yes!

Anyway, I have to go now as Dad needs on the computer - that is the only bad thing so far about being on holiday - we can't all be on the computer at once.  Mum said she and I will go through all my messages etc on Wednesday as tomorrow we will be travelling again all day - thank you all for  your patience during this travelling period  - please don't anyone think we are ignoring messages - it's just been really hard to get internet for long enough to go through them all.

Big massive huge pug hugs to you all

Buenas noches mis amigos

Loca Elizabeth Orr (LBL) xxxx
10/12/2013 13:50:31

Great to read your Travel Diary and hear all the goss. Hope you all arrive to your next destination safely : )

Rebecca Bolton
10/12/2013 13:52:48

Well, Loca, it sounds like you and your family are having quite an adventure so far! I hope your Mum and Lucy don't have another battle of wills anytime soon... (but I agree with your Mum, a smack on the behind is so much better than the alternative). As for Alfie, I think a hunger strike is a brilliant plan, especially if that means he gets to try fun new human-bean food. (Just no onions, garlic, etc.) Layla has the right idea... everyone needs mementos from the trip. Mind you, something lighter weight (like a postcard or something) might be more practical than stones, but to each her own. Tell Mum and Dad that they really need to share that duvet with "the bloody pugs" because, if you catch a chill, LBL would be without leadership! ;) Okay, you and your family have a good rest, and enjoy the holiday! Can't wait to see pictures!

Patricia Work
10/12/2013 13:56:45

Really, It's your mum and dad's fault if they are cold. I know for a fact that they sell duvets in both France and Spain! Plus your mum is exactly right, there is no easier way for a dog to get dead that to run into traffic!

Diane Roberg
10/12/2013 14:00:13

So glad to hear y'all are having a safe trip. We had to teach our 3 pups that they had to wait to be carried off our HOW. I agree with mum better an ouchie on the bum! Sometimes I drive our HOW i actually enjoy it unless it's very windy but my husband is a bundle of nerves while i'm at the wheel hee hee hahs

Audrey Sutherland
10/12/2013 14:03:19

Great to read all about your adventures! Mum was quit right to skelp Lucy in the bum for jumping out of the HoW. Silly girl!! Think you guys might need a bigger duvet....or do what Ms. Marley Pugface does.....she sneaks under the duvet so she is always nice and toasty.

Lil Dude
10/12/2013 17:16:18

Tell Mum + Dad to let you sleep UNDER the duvet with them because your body heats will help keep them warm too. (That's what I do with my Mum).

10/12/2013 14:04:23


10/12/2013 14:30:00

Sleeping on rocks is actually good, the rocks warm by your body heat then stay warm for several hours. Layla is the smart one of the day

dinah Greek
10/12/2013 14:34:40

Buenos nochas dear leader xxxxx

10/12/2013 14:37:11

Loca my love! I am so pleased to hear how well you are training Alfie so well. You can't be the only one who wants the human bean food. Mum and Dad would get suspicious. I can't think of a better time and place to work your "wiles".
Hee hee

10/12/2013 14:41:01

Loca and family! Have a great Christmas and keep the posts coming. One question - does your blog allow for "albums"? It would be really nice to be able to scroll through the pictures of all the La Banda Loca members!

12/12/2013 00:58:44

Deb - there is an album of all the Loca calendar pics on here - Mal will have a wee look at it later to make sure it is working x

Lisa DiBartolomeo
10/12/2013 14:41:12

Tell mum and dad to buy some extra blankets. LOL. Oh and I agree with mum.... I told my bean son when he was little that a smack on the butt won't hurt as bad as a car hitting him. Same goes for dogs. :) I think if you all go on hunger strikes, you'll get people food. Its worth a try. Can't wait for more pics.

Becky Hocknell
10/12/2013 14:42:45

I have a fab idea! Why don't your mum and dad get another duvet/blanket and put it over the top of the one you pugs are lying on! That way you get an extra layer too! :D

10/12/2013 15:23:31

You do know Loca, that if you keep hogging the duvet and Mum n Dad don't get a good night sleep they get to tired to take you anywhere. Just ask my lot. I have 4 of them on the bed. Xxxxx

10/12/2013 16:30:23

They for sure won't want to cook chicken or cake with cream if they are too tired lol

10/12/2013 16:35:06

They for sure won't want to cook chicken or cake with cream if they are too tired lol.

Judy Senesac
10/12/2013 16:24:20

Sounds like a wonderful trip, wish I was there.

Suzanne Franks
10/12/2013 17:23:03

Wow Loca, it was lovely to be hearing from you again, so glad you are having a lovely time..my daughter has a boxer called Caspar, and he about shats himself too over varying fings, the washing up bowl being lifted in the sink to empty the water, plastic carrying bags, the hoover, the lawnmower, sprays, he is a proper coward for a beeeeg lump of a dog!!! Look forward to anuvver uppydate soon Loca, lots of love xx

Mary Strong
10/12/2013 18:20:24

It sounds like a really educational trip so far. Have you met any LBL members on the way?

Alexandra Stewart
10/12/2013 18:39:11

I didn't realize you could leave comments here as well. Just a quick hello, drive safe and enjoy. :-)

10/12/2013 21:37:23

got to love Loca, and all the gang. Hope you can post more pics :)

Lorraine Pudner
11/12/2013 04:38:15

My dear Loca, I'm so pleased you are all enjoying Spain. Tell your Mum it may be worth buying a couple of sleeping bags for her & Dad, that way they get to stay warm at night & you all get to keep the duvet. Safe travels to all x

mish keir
11/12/2013 04:54:21

Hehehe sounds like great fun is being had by all except the smacked bum...but like Mum says rather that than the alternative...When we used to go camping in our HoW we used sleeping bags and my mum and dad zipped theirs together to make a big double one...it saved my dad getting a cold bum cos my mum couldn't steal the covers lol....big big hugs xxx

11/12/2013 05:34:07

It is very tiring for dad to do all of this driving you will all have to spoil him when you get to Alicante. You will have a lovely time there when I was there earlier this year there were lots of human beans with their dogs walking along the prom. Have a great time x

Susan Smith
11/12/2013 06:54:33

Loca, I am glad to see you guys are having fun on your travels. Mum and Dad need to just give it up and get another duvet. my 2 pugs like to sleep under ours.Tater sleeps in between me & my husband, & Rita sleeps at the bottom keeping my feet warm :-) Hope to see more pics and videos soon. safe travels <3

11/12/2013 08:11:55

Try getting a much bigger duvet. Or, better yet, have two regular size ones with the pugs holding them both down in the middle. . .

11/12/2013 11:58:17

My Dallas sleeps under the blanket with just her little pug face sticking out. Have a fun and safe trip.

13/12/2013 02:27:37

Hi Loca, Layla collecting stones reminds me of a Lucille Ball movie 'the long long trailer' where she collects rocks unbeknown to her new hubby - definitely worth a watch :-)


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