Good morning La Banda Loca badasses :-)  thanks so much for all the lovely Christmas wishes and pics you sent yesterday - it was the best day ever.  Having said that I have never eaten as much in my hairy life and I don't think I am going to eat again until Wednesday week :-)

Oh wait until you hear what my greedy brother did ...... mum and Charleen were cooking the dinner yesterday and they had a great big blue bowl they were putting all the stuffs for us into - there was piles in it and it was supposed to be divided between us all for our dinner.  Well....... the human beans had their dinner first and we were supposed to stay in the living room watching TV.  Alfie snuck in and found the blue bowl and ate every single bit of it - every single bit!!!!! 

When mum cut up everything that was left and went to add the blue bowl stuff to it she found it empty!!  Alfie was the only one who managed to get into the kitchen so it had to have been him .... he was stuffed to the point of exploding ...........  mind you, he regretted it later because he could hardly move and this morning he has had the dia-poopies 3 times hee hee hee ...... serves his big fat, greedy hairy gub right!!!! 

It was ok though because there was still loads and loads left for us girls - I loved it.

Today we are having a quiet day but with another big dinner later on -  oh feck I wasn't supposed to be eating again until Wedneday week .......... ah well, it's Christmas :-) :-) 


Have a great Boxing Day my darlings ......... does anybody know why it is called Boxing Day by the way??

big massive hairy loves

Loca Elizabeth Orr (LBL)

AJ HHP and Ginger The Hoosier Hug Pugs
26/12/2013 08:21:11

Oh, Loca, sounds like you has a really great Christmas just like we did. We’re still having lots of treats and enjoying our daddy being home, Mum is trying to enjoy having dad home all day. He won’t go back to work until next year! Mom said 8 days and he’s out, but is that next year all ready?

Boxing Day! It started many, many years ago, when we were not born yet in the British Empire when those who had and got even more on Christmas would “box up” their old stuff to make room for the new and then give the “boxes of stuff” to those who had very little and got nothing for Christmas. That’s what my mom says it is about and not about hitting each other! I think that’s a nice thing to do, give to those who need.

Happy Boxing Day Loca!

Your pal, AJ!


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