Another bright clear day, which, in my opinion we are enjoying much too early!  For some reason, best known to themselves, the donkey dogs are insisting on getting up at 8am!  Now, as you know I am a pug that likes my sleep so, for me, this is like getting up in the middle of the night.  However, mum and dad are on their side so I suppose I will get used to it. 

So it turns out our next door neighbours, to our left, are French!  I bet they are all excited about the toilets here - mind you, they probably don't know how to use a normal toilet - I like to imagine them trying to stand on the toilet seat aiming into the bowl below hahahaha :-)  Anyway, besides that they aren't the most friendly of folk!   Weirdly also, they dress like bikers from Sons of Anarchy but they have no bike :-) 

Anyway, the man one came over to Mum yesterday, all irate and holding up a well chewed bone! (NOTE:  it was not our bone - we had never seen this bone before)  He didn't even say bon-jewer but  gave mum a French dirty look which said 'what the feck is this doing in my garden?' - Now, as mum doesn't speak french looks, she thought he was offering aforementioned bone as a present ..... so she took the bone and thanked him profusely, at the same time giving him an Irish look that said 'how the feck am I going to share this between four dogs?' - Luckily, I don't think he spoke Irish looks either :-)   The bone went straight in the bin much to Layla's disgust - she reckoned it still looked tasty! 

He stomped off, probably to clean his imaginary bike .........

Our neighbours to our right are definitely English - we know this because we all speak English dirty looks and the lady gave Alfie a corker one yesterday when he accidently shat on her garden ........ to be fair, Dad was chasing him with a poopy bag and when the lady realised this she accepted dad's apologies and was very friendly.  We are going to try to get them to join LBL so we can all gang up on thon wannabe Hell's Angels if things turn nasty :-) 

Ohh we met the big kangaroo dog again this morning - he is called Diesel - Mum asked his dad what type of dog is he but despite him telling her twice she still couldn't make him out - so she smiled politely and said 'ahh yes, that's what I thought' ......... so we are no further on - she is nearly sure he said hungarian something or other - we aren't sure where the man comes from so I suppose it could be Hungry.

Right, it is breakfast time yooooooooooooo  I am starving - holidays seem to be making us all more hungry than usual (I didn't think that was possible) - we are fast running out of dog food that Dad brought from home so we will soon have to try Spanish stuff.  Mum bought us a chicken roll yesterday as a treat and it was defeckinglicious - I hope we get more of that today as well.

Hasta mañana, besos y abrazos

Loca Elizabeth Orr (LBL) xxxx

12/12/2013 18:09:41

Local, isn't it a wee tiny bit racist to always be calling your beautiful Boxer sisters "donkey dogs"? ;-) (Just kidding, of course)

12/12/2013 18:36:01

Wanna be bikers........makes

12/12/2013 18:37:31

You want to boke

12/12/2013 18:43:11

Maybe the dogs are Hungarian Vislers. Are they orange all over even their noses?

13/12/2013 03:30:29

Yes Jenny - I think that is what he is :-)

12/12/2013 20:25:38

Hungary Viszla? Hunting dog, slim and orange in color?

Monica de Lourdes
12/12/2013 21:13:59

Loca as usually you made me laugh ! Hope you all are Fine with that crazy wannabe Hell angels. Tell your dad to try a "pan cristal" and to buy jamón serrano to you ! you will love It :)

Audrey Sutherland
12/12/2013 21:33:54

It's always nice to get up early Loca....especially when the weather is nice. I could easily stay snuggled under the covers until noon listening to the howling wind, knowing that it's fecking freezing outside here inCanada. Love reading all about your adventures...thanks for sharing!

Susan Smith
12/12/2013 21:39:06

Loca I am glad you are having a good time on your Holiday! If those mean pretend Hells ANgels bother you just let us know , and the whole LBL gang will come to your rescue! That ought to scare them! LOL. Pugs and Kisses from cold VA. xxxxxxx

Amber M
12/12/2013 21:45:05

Loca, is the kangaroo dog kind of reddish with light eyes? He could be a vizsla, they are from hungary.

Lisa DiBartolomeo
12/12/2013 21:57:23

Tell the grumpy biker wannabe to.....(remember the funny line our one gang member used).. feck off away with himself up his own arse. LOL I know it's 2 insults combined, but I say it that way all the time now because its so funny. Love your blog, makes laugh everyday. Hey can I give a shout out to my husband, Romeo, today is his birthday. Friday the 13th...YIKES! :)

Heather cline liner aka heather feather
12/12/2013 22:07:07

The french are wimpiest white people ever. We went to the grand canyon amd there were tons of french. They were so rude. He probably drives a moped.

12/12/2013 22:10:34

All sounds lovely except for the neighbours!! When they realise who they are upsetting they will very quietly move on. xxx

Mary Strong
12/12/2013 22:16:08

Oh Loca, do not even look at those Frenchies. We have been told many times here in the USA that the French like NO ONE other than their own fecking selves, so we have to be careful when we go to France and not act American if we can possibly help it. Some human beans here even refuse to eat French fries because of all the nastiness. Don't ask us what we all did wrong to the French because none of us knows!

Brenda Johnson
12/12/2013 22:53:12

I would like to see a photo of this kangaroo dog, you have me curious. Don't let them naughty neighbors ruin your vacation, wanna be bikers...what a joke they must be, yet our gang is bigger than they pretend to need to flash them a gang sign to warn them we're the baddest. We really do need a hand sign, any ideas? But remember
we are a gang of nice not evil so no middle finger,

12/12/2013 22:59:07

besos y abrazos a ustedes, Loca and family. Soak up lots of sunshine to take home with you.

Bev D
12/12/2013 23:13:52

So sad Loca but there are actually people in this world who don't like dogs for one reason or another 😥 best to stay away from that sort. I agree with the others you have probably met a Hungarian V

Bev D
12/12/2013 23:16:02

My screen froze and I couldn't finish.... That's Viszla

Tommie Ealy
12/12/2013 23:56:44

Loca, as usual, you put a laugh on my face and a smile in my heart. As Mary Strong said, the French do not like anyone but themselves. Who knows what imaginary slight any of us did to them to make them rude. Just enjoy the sun (been so long since I saw it, I can't remember what it looks like) and the country.

Hugs and kisses
The Ealy gang (Cricket, Earl, & Jimbo)

13/12/2013 00:02:08

Don't worry about your bikerless bikers! The French don't fight!!

13/12/2013 01:40:29

You know Loca, the French are the French and their poop don't stink!!!

13/12/2013 02:44:13

Remember gang members we are a gang that does not discriminate and stands for good! Maybe this gentleman just got up on the wrong side of the bed, easy to do in a HOW if one side is always against the wall. We do not want to offend all of our lovely French gang members by showing our rudeness to fellow members

Ellen Templeton
13/12/2013 05:52:20

Oh, Loca, you must be very careful around those frenchies! I they continue to be rude to you and your family, I will organize a boycott of French Toast among the LBL! LOL! I love the stories of your travels...hello to Mum, Dad and all!

13/12/2013 06:40:55

OOO I did it again, but still don't understand what website it wants me to type in I wonder if it is yours, hang on, don't go for a wee.....Back, do you need time to go....I've typed in La Banda Loca Blog, see what it will make of that and I've ticked the box for comments so perhaps that will help, love Susanna

13/12/2013 07:22:13

Hi Susanna

You don't need to put any website in :). It's just there in case you have one. Only things you need to write are your name,email, and a message:)

13/12/2013 10:14:14

Check out your new friend on Dogs 101

Sachi's Mom
13/12/2013 10:16:14

Thanks for the tip carbootjo! I too wasn't commenting 'cuz I didn't have a website-Love our La Banda Loca bunch-Thanks for a great blog Loca!


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