Morning badasses 

Well today is our last day in Benidorm …… we will be sorry to say goodbye to this wee campsite but it’s time to move on. Layla is in a massive huff with dad because he threw out all her stones – he counted 13 in total  She had them hidden everywhere and swore blind each one was more important to her than the last – as Dad was throwing them out she was bringing them back in lol …. Eventually he had to put them all in a bucket and bring them up to the field – he allowed her to keep the one she got in France but she’s still not a happy donkey dog! 

Dad and Lucy are making a new video …. I’m not sure if I am going to be in it or not – it will be a total travesty if I am not and I intend to go into the fake depression if I don’t get even just a cameo appearance! Lucy is all chuffed as she has never made a video before and she thinks she is the dogs dangly bits lol 

We haven’t seen Diesel for a few days – we think he is under house arrest or something because he keeps jumping up on peoples – the other day in the field he nearly knocked a woman over and she was really cross at him and she shouted at his dad!! It was great fun, we felt like we were on a soap opera ….. it was the next best thing to watching Jeremy Kyle! I hope we get to see him before we leave though so we can say cheerio. He is a very naughty dog but really funny 

So tomorrow we are picking up Robyn from the hairyport and then going to her mum’s for Christmas – you aren’t going to believe this but Robyn’s sister has a rabbit and I am going to be allowed to play with it (I think) …….. we will definitely have to keep my big sisters away from it in case they frighten it to dead! That would not be good – arriving at someone’s house for Christmas and making their rabbit get dead – it would be a weeks before anyone would see the funny side of that! 

It is an absolutely gorgeous day today so I am going to go out now and sit in the sun for a while to top up my tan – I want to look my best for Christmas day. Ahhhh La Banda Loca I am a really happy pug – I LOVE Spain and I love my HoW – I am definitely the luckiest of lucky dogs and, of course, I have the best gang in the whole entire world!!!! 

See you tomorrow 

Biggest loves

Loca Elizabeth Orr (LBL) xxxxxxxxxxxxx
June Thomson
21/12/2013 19:43:40

Goodness you could build a castle with all those stones lol. Never mind I'm sure she will find more stones soon enough. Poor Layla. I hope you see Diesel before you leave. Have a safe journey guys xx

lesley gurney
21/12/2013 21:00:53

maybe dad can let Layla have one other stone when you get to th house so that would be one in France and one from Spain and then pick one up in England

Tommie Ealy
21/12/2013 23:04:07

Well Loca, looks like you are a blast. Poor Layla having yo give up her stones. But one from each country like Lesley suggested sounds awesome. Can't wait for the next installment.

Mitch k
22/12/2013 01:48:15

Can't wait for Lucy's big day-bew! Looking forward to a HoF? (House on foundation)?

22/12/2013 04:00:15

Loca if you get to play with the rabbit you should get Mom to take a picture of you two. Then you can show us all by posting it to your Blog! Luv you Big Bunches Loca! xoxo

Ellen Templeton
22/12/2013 04:27:56

What a great time you have had in Spain. I'm sure your adventures will continue in the next town. I have just loved reading your stories and hearing your tale of the Self-seeking dish! I love your blog and your FB so I hope they work things out to your satisfaction. Just so long as we can still get our "Loca fix" daily! :) Happy travels!!!


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