My mum is absolutely defeckinglighted at the moment - you will, I am sure, remember the amount of stick Dad gave her when she drove into the side of our house (twice) by accident.  (We still aren't even positive it was her fault but anyway ....) 

Yesterday, big Mr Smartie pants, I never crash Malcolm (dad) drove into a corner post at the end of our road :-)  :-)  The boss's of our campsite had even painted it red and white as a warning to people to watch out for the corner!!!  (To the best of my recollection, no such big feck off red and white warning sign appears at the corner of our house!!!!!) 

The crunch was deafening ...... Dad said the really bad 'f' word that rhymes with luck ..... I was in my 'wee Loca bed' at mum's feet and she looked down at me and we exchanged the smuggest, most satisfied grin EVER!!! 

Mum:   'Oh whoops Malcolm, I think you might just have hit that enormous, brightly coloured, corner warning sign'

Me:   'Oh dear dear dear Dad, I fear mum may be correct - Did you not see it? ..... it's massive - I don't know how you could have missed that .... a wee 'accidental' mistake p'raps?'

Lucy:   'My neck is sore - think I have the whip lash - can somebody phone my solicitor'

Dad:  <a definite shade of puce> 'This is all your bloody mothers fault'

All of us: 'WHAT????  how in the name of all that is Holy can this possibly be her fault'

Dad:  'If she hadn't wanted to go (lots of bad words) Christmas shopping this would never have happened'

Mum:  'It's ok pups, if Daddy needs to blame mummy for his horrendous mistake, that is ok ....... it's awfully hard for a man (like your father) to make such a dreadfully silly mistake and make such a fool out of himself in front of, not only his nearest and dearest, but the rest of the campsite' :-) :-) :-) 

So there you have it La banda Loca - definitive proof that there is a God and, if you can, on occasions, be a bit self -righteous, he will give you a great big massive karma kick in the goolies :-) :-) 

Cathy DUtch
16/12/2013 18:21:57

Oh Dear Loca, that is awfully hilarious... Yes Mal the is a God and Goddess that dole out some wicked karma... LOL

16/12/2013 18:32:41

Loca tell your mom the gods/goddess remembers all and truly balances it out.

16/12/2013 18:35:21

Tell Dad he just gave Mum the best Christmas present ever!!

16/12/2013 18:47:59

Loca, much as I hate to admit it, I'm getting just a teensy bit sorry for your Dad! After all it's known worldwide that there's nothing that resembles a floundering fish more than a man who can't find somewhere to pass the blame. x

16/12/2013 19:13:54

He he he karma is a witch. And this is hilarious. Glad you are all OK. Xo

Lisa DiiBartolomeo
16/12/2013 19:55:29

16/12/2013 19:57:55

LOL! great story. Poor dad though, now he has to fix the HOW

Gee Senter
16/12/2013 20:31:25

Universal lesson. God does exist! Karma is real! Men are all alike! And he still has to face all the family and friends when you get back to Belfast and explain how the HOW got this owiey! Thanks for this wonderful lesson! Laughing before my coffee this morning!

Lesley Gurney
16/12/2013 20:37:17

oh the poor thing (giggle giggle) bet you all had a giggle as well Lucy you will be alright just make sure dad rubs your neck

Mary Strong
16/12/2013 20:43:44

We're sorry Mal, but this is too funny! Glad everyone is all right because it could have been much worse really!

16/12/2013 20:54:55

Still lmao...poor Mal!! I can just imagine how pissed he was....and how smug your mum was. Karma really is a bitch. Did yor mum get her Christmas shopping done?

Susan Smith
16/12/2013 21:32:08

LMAO :-D That should teach Dad to make fun of your Mum's driving! Although in his defense those pesky poles do jump out in front of you when your not looking :-) Stay safe and beware of red/white poles they are sneaky little bastards! Pugs and Kisses xxxxxxx SS

Eileen Cornwall
16/12/2013 22:49:06


16/12/2013 23:39:18

Oh poor old HOWie, did his boo boo get a kiss better, sorry Mal, but thinnk it will take a while for you to live this down, lol. Never mind you've done well to get this far with no scrapes so perhaps that's it for 'accidents'. Hope HOWie is okay, love to all and keep those giggles down, tee hee. Susanna xxxxxx

17/12/2013 00:17:14

Love it, "HOWie"! We RV, too, and because of our dear Loca, we call our rig the HOW. Now it's the HOWie! :0)

17/12/2013 00:15:48

Poor Dad, I think you and your mum should treat him ever so kindly. There are Christmas presents coming up, if you catch my drift. :0)

17/12/2013 02:28:30

Hahaha, just weed myself x

James-in-Penticton, BC
17/12/2013 06:53:57

Alene .... your 'Smile' is radiating all the way thru Canada!! Loca you and your Mum are more like 'Mis-Cheevious' Twins!! Many THX for sharing little Piper's story. YOU were the very 1st CA case I had ever heard about, but as a researcher myself (I concede Alfie is cuter!) I am quickly collecting data on this issue. Continue enjoying Spain .... quick question: "Is the rain in Spain, mainly on the plain"??

Lynn smartie McAuley
17/12/2013 07:00:37

So who put that there Mal!!!!
miss you's all BIG hugs and kisses xx

Ann Glasgow
18/12/2013 00:51:10

Poor Dad hahahahaha.

20/12/2013 00:58:12

I can't say much, I've done it too!! ;(


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