Good Morning La Banda Loca gansters 

Up bright and early this morning and it looks like its going to be another lovely day in the Costa Blanca  It's already toasty warm and its only just after 10am ....... we could definitely get used to this!

Oh my hairy word, I have to tell you - remember yesterday when I said my dad and Antonio had gone for a walk .... well, we heard them coming back and dad was telling Antonio that the house across the road had a grande 'pooleo' ........ Antonio bless him, was saying 'grande ... big ... si pero no entiendo pooleo' ..... Dad said 'si, si, si' on his way in the gate - all chuffed with himself - Mum and Charleen were peeing themselves - poor Antonio looked almost frightened ..... I don't think a man has ever been as glad to return from a walk. Dad was scundered when mum told him that the word was piscina and not pooleo - he tried to tell her that Antonio had understood every word he had said but had to admit that a lot of the time he looked like the rabbit does when he sees the donkey dogs lol 

Oh did you know, in Spain instead of having no toilets like the French they have 2 toilets in their human bean bathrooms - one big normal one and one much tinier one - we aren't sure what it is for - it might be for wee beans! Dad said he thinks it is incase you have the diapoopies at the same times as the bokes ..... it was Charleen's turn to look worried then and she said that she sincerely hopes he doesn't get a dose of food poisoning while we are here  

I'll try to get some more pics or a wee video of me with 'my' rabbit later on today ........ I really love that wee thing - it's even worse at running than I am lol and it poops loads and loads - it really makes me laugh - it just doesn't care ..... few wee hops and a wee poop - few more and another poop hahahhahhahahah I wish I could do that  

Ok I have to go now - it's breakfast time yoooooooooooo  we have our breakfast out on the patio - that's a posh word for garden - we don't have one of those in Northern Ireland  but my mum said she wants one when we get home  

Hasta luego mis amigos 

Loca Elizabeth Orr (LBL) xxxxxxxxxxxxx
28/12/2013 10:33:41

Loca, another great morning with the giggles and your tales of the travels. Thank you and your family for bringing such great stories and laughter to us all. PS, the little toilet is called a bidet' pronounced "bee day" Da was right it is for cleaning up after dia-poopies or tinkles (wee). My mum cleans me up if I have any 'issues' and she makes sure my face is clean and I don't have anything in my face rumples ... wow I got off topic fast there didn't I? anyway, have a luscious day in sunny Spain... sending hugs from the US


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