Hey LBL only four more sleeps till the big fat man comes yooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Ok, last night we all had a big long chat about the blog v facebook thing. We are getting so many messages from gang members saying that they can’t get the blog on their phones and that is how they like to read it – Unlike the kings and queens of the oldie days I want to keep all my gang happy so we have decided to do both  For as long as Facebook will let us, we will keep putting the post on here but also on the blog – that way people can choose and all the back stories will still be altogether for anybody who wants to catch up! 

We have had no more rain but it was really windy yesterday so we went for a big long drive and we had a walk on the beach  …. So I have now had a paddle (not a swim cos it would have frozen the balls of a brass monkey – My dad said that  - I thought it was rude but he assures me it isn’t) in the Med-it-her-Ian-ian ……….. it had really big waves – much bigger than the waves at our beach in Northern Ireland. Layla was the only one to lie down in it but she said she instantly regretted it because it gave her a frozen bum  She also managed to collect another 3 stones – Dad said our HoW is starting to resemble a quarry – he really hopes we don’t get weighed on the way home! 

Mum was speaking to Katie and Ross yesterday – they are having a great time in Switzerland but wait till you hear what happened. In Katie’s hotel the boss chef had a fight with the not boss chef – actually punch fight!! In front of the guests ….. now that is a Holy Show – they both got fired.  Now I know it is never ever good to fight, but surely burning peoples is a bit of an overreaction – it sounds like something they would have done in the oldie days – flip, maybe Switzerland still has one of those crazy kings ……… I must get Alfie to look that up – if so, we will definitely be avoiding there. Imagine my mum and dad having one of their Holy Shows and both ending up in cinders ….. perish the thought!!! Who would drive us home? 

So are you all ready for Christmas? Will you all be having one of the great big chicken-turkey things? We are really hoping Charleen has a great big massive one for us – I can taste it already – I am soooo excited. Oh, I should have explained – I am back to eating everything again – as long as it doesn’t have feathers it’s ok and there is no way there are enough feathers in the world to cover one of those big chicken-turkey things, so they are fine  :-)

Oohhhh have to go – Dad is calling me for breakfast – we have run out of Irish dog food so we are now getting Spanish stuffs – it is defeckinglicious – when I get home I am going to ask our free food man to ask Asda to get some – it’s much nicer than ours at home !!! 

Have a fantastic Saturday my lovelies
20/12/2013 19:24:51

Loca my love, although those two chef beans should have been stuck in the oven for fighting each other, the kind of fired Mum was talking about is being sacked.
My Christmas Dinner will be ham, potato salad, sweet potatoes, and some kind of veggie. I haven't decided yet.

20/12/2013 19:28:55

...a tad easier to make, but just as good. Oh my! I almost forgot that I will make a turkey breast too. Much easier, ( and smaller!) to prepare.
I hope the Big Guy in Red brings everyone everything they want in 4 days!

20/12/2013 19:32:29

So glad you are ratting everything again. My pugs have never eaten and dog food as I cook for them every day! Put if you recommend this Spanish dog food maybe I could get them to at least try it! What's it called? I'll ask our food man if he has it or can get it!

Loca, what cities are you in and visiting.? Would love to see a map of where you have been, where you are and where you will be going!

Have a great day darling Loca and family!

21/12/2013 02:22:09

Hi my friend Loca, that would have told them not to punch each other!!!! my human bean is, for the first time in 12 years, going out for Christmas din dins, something bad happened 12 yrs ago so she doesn't really celebrate it, although because of her leaving us we are having a Christmas breakfast, woo hoo and while we are munching that we can open our presents from the big fat red man - until tomorrow, Skye xxx

Mary Strong
21/12/2013 08:08:23

Loca, do your mum & dad know any LBL members in Tralee? I will be visiting there in a year or two and have lots of questions they don't answer in the travel guide books. I'd be happy to meet online if you know anyone in Kerry. Love you!

June Thomson
21/12/2013 19:48:31

Fired!!! hahaha. Well that was a holy show and a floor show lol. Nothing that entertaining ever happens when I dine out lol. No feathers on a turkey? That must be why it doesn't fly xx


Here in Ontario, Canada it has rained so much and melted all of the snow in my back yard. I think them Little Pugs of mine are soon going to have to wear their life jackets in the back yard. It's like a giant dirty swimming pool for them. They run through all of that water then come in and house and bounce all over me...lol


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