Well it rained literally ALL day yesterday – we thought at one time we were going to have to get sails for our HoW!  But we have got up this morning and it is all dry – dad said the ground round here must be very pour-us.

Despite the rain, we had a lovely day ….. Mum and Dad got the new tele and last night we were able to watch a DVD – we still can’t get Judge Judy or Jeremy Kyle because we need one of those sat-a-lights thingmabobs but still it was nice to snuggle down and watch tele listening to the rain outside.  Dad told mum that he wanted one of the self-seeking sat-a-lights things that the posh man had, only he wanted one that actually worked ………. i.e. actually self sought something J  But mum told him to dream on – they cost a bloody fortune and he would have to make do with a wee one that he holds himself – she cleverly suggested that he stand under the roof window and hold it up through there – she said she would take a turn only she’s too small – he didn’t seem so keen on this idea and spent a bit of time grumbling about how stuff he wants is always ‘too dear’ and yet she can spend 10 fortunes on cream for her bake trying to make herself look 18 again ………. Oh dear I feel a Holy Show coming on ……

Anyway, we watched a history programme about the Kings and Queens loads of years ago – even before my granny and Johnny were born!  They were total crazies back then – went to flipping war at the drop of a hat.  These two dudes last night fell out over the colour of roses – one liked red and the other white so they started chopping everybody’s head off!  Everybody and their granny wanted to be king in those days!  Why I will never understand because it was a sure fire way to lose your noggin!  I would have kept my hairy gub shut and let the rest of them get on with it. 

Some of them already had a lovely palace with all mod cons (including I am sure a self seeking sat-a-lights) but they still wanted more – one flipping idiot decided that he not only wanted some other dudes palace but his whole fecking country …. France!!!  Had he not seen the state of the toilets in France???  Weird ooooooooooooooooooo’s

Dad said some human beans are still like that today but I simply can’t believe that – surely they have learnt from the mistakes of the past ………… make the best of what you have and seek only what you really need and be happy with that – otherwise you will, most certainly, lose your fecking head!!!

I remain,

Your humble servant (they said that in the oldie days)

Loca Elizabeth Orr (LBL)  

Karen plume
20/12/2013 04:06:01

Thank you so muck for your story's great way to start the day love n hugs xx

Lisa DiBartolomeo
20/12/2013 04:08:50

So glad you got a TV. Tell dad to keep talking about the sat-o-light and sooner or later mum will give in and let him get one. I wouldn't want to be queen and live in a castle. Can you imagine how long it would take to clean all those rooms. :)

Maryann Allen
20/12/2013 04:28:06

Loca here in Southie we are waiting for the rain with open arms. It brings with it 40 to 50 degree weather and fog which well make the snow leave....

20/12/2013 04:51:14

The weather is crazy all around I think. We had 40 degrees yesterday and today it was in the low 20s and cloudy :(
Im glad you got your tv going though.The brain definitely needs to be stimulated by something.
Are you getting any spanish tv shows? These could help you with your spanish...but im sure you are almost fluent by now :)
Ok little loca, take care of your lovely family and keep enjoying your trip. ;)

20/12/2013 06:00:06

"We had 40 degrees yesterday and today it was in the low 20s and cloudy"

You must be from Melbourne, Australia! lol

Lesley Gurney
20/12/2013 05:15:57

our weather here is strange, yesterday morning, it was 40's this morning it is 70

Mary Strong
20/12/2013 06:20:29

You are right Loca, the kings & queens did more than their fair share of settling holy shows the hard way. Some say that's why our lot hopped on a boat and sailed to America! Then, there are a bunch of us who are trying to get back to the UK again now! Weird! Maybe there are more choices on sat-a-lights than the two your Da has discovered so far. Ask him if they rent those in Spain at the HOW dealers - it's worth a try?!?

20/12/2013 06:26:57

Glad you got a tele Loca. Love your stories. Hope the rain has gone for a while and you enjoy sunshine for a while. We have freezing rain here today. Makes driving a fecking nightmare!

20/12/2013 07:05:15

Hi Loca...your Dad is a pretty smart man to teach you to seek only what you need. Too many times people seek what they want, covet and desire...your Mom and Dad sound like fine intelligent people who are showing you and your brothers and sisters, to be happy with what you got. However Dad needs to take a lesson from his own lesson book, and get off the self seeking satellite..Mom is right..they cost a fortune...lol..xoxo

20/12/2013 09:24:13

My days always start better with reading Loca's blog! PS: I keep writing to you on the FB site where the calendar pictures are, can we be included? Sassy Sue thinks it's because we have our Cross Eyed Fecker in the picture, but Daisy Doo wouldn't hear of taking a picture without him. We wrote in the comments in the Calendar Album. :0)

Mimi Zerkee
20/12/2013 13:22:31

love reading LOCA stories in the morning when having my COOFFFEEEE to make me like a human bean. Hugs from Penticton, BC in western Canada =)


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