Buenos dias la banda Loca - 

Well today it is flipping raining - the lady in the radio told us last night it was going to rain, but she has said that everynight this week so we thought she was joking!  

It doesn't matter though because today we are going out of the campsite to look for a new TV ........ hally-fecking-loo-ya :-)  You know us, we are not dogs to complain about anything, but if we have to sit one more night listening to mum and dad talking about stupid boring stuff we are all going to head straight for the fake depression ........... we miss the TV!  It is how we learn stuff and you know what they say about the brain .....'use it or lose it'

Thank Goodness we are going out because we don't know what the feck we would do in our HoW all day in the rain with two human beans - they take up so much space!  We have a really good routine going here ....normally, they go cycling in the afternoon for 2 or 3 hours and we have the place to ourselves to relax and chat about stuff they don't understand!  Don't get me wrong, we are always delighted to see them coming back but those few hours peace are very important to dogs.

So hopefully, this time tomorrow we will be watching Jeremy Kyle and Judge Judy yoooooooooooo ........ Dad said it won't be like that because there is lots of stuff we need before we can see UK TV ...... but how hard can it be - it's something to do with sat-a-lights or something - Alfie said they are big things up in the sky with all the TV programmes in them - all we need is a sat-a-light receiver to sit on top of our HoW - it magics the TV programme we want down from the big one in the sky and puts it on our tele ...... simples!  My dad makes really over complicates stuff sometimes!

Anyway, I will keep you informed how we get on ........ our immediate problem is how we are going to get out for our number 1 and 2's in this rain!  The others are quite excited about getting covered in muck up in our field but I am not so keen - I HATE getting my paws dirty - I may just have to do my ablutions inside :-)  hee hee that'll start a right Holy Show :-) 

Hasta manana mis amigos mejores 

Catherine Dutch
18/12/2013 17:47:49

Loca if nothing else comes from getting a new TV for the HOW, I am quiet sure the show from watching dad install a satel-light and adjust it will be far more entertaining than watch Judge Judy, :)....
Have a great day. Oh and to help lessen the holy show, Use the HOW shower for your inside ablutions, unless your to bored and need a holy show that is

Mitch k
18/12/2013 18:09:05

I hope it won't be the kind that the smug guy with the efeckingnormous HOW had that didn't work had. Don't need getting all fancy-pants like that guy!! Hope Dads careful on the roof of the HOW in the rain, human bean paws get slippery on HOW roofs in the rain!!

Lesley Gurney
18/12/2013 20:43:54

Loca every one knows the rain in spain stays mainly on the plain,
tell day to be careful

Lisa DiBartlomeo
18/12/2013 20:47:01

Don't make a mess in the HOW.. Better to get dirty paws than dirty looks from mum and dad. Good luck with the new TV. If you get Sat-o-light maybe you can get NCIS or The Big Bang Theory.. They are the best shows here in the USA. Well....my favs anyway. ;)

18/12/2013 20:58:13

Enjoy your day shopping for a tv. Hope your dad knows how to ask all the tv questions in Spanish....lol

Mary Strong
18/12/2013 21:17:02

I hope you get a really great tele & sat-a-light dish for the HoW! Funny what your favorite programmes are & what ours are. We LOVE Ballykissangel, Doc Martin, Downton Abbey, Rosemary & Thyme and of course Hercule Poirot here at our house in St. George, Utah!

Jennifer Willis
18/12/2013 23:15:43

I absolutely love your stories, your delightful outlook and hilarious writing abilities! I look forward to these posts & blog because they just make me smile. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful life with us!

19/12/2013 01:23:52

No messes in the HOW!! It will stink forever!! Be a good girl!!!
Love you,

19/12/2013 02:31:49

A TV? Woo hoo. That will help with the the Spanish. Yes you need a doofer or everything will be NOT English lol. I hope it doesn't rain too much but we have snow forecast, so enjoy the rain xx

JasperTex Rescuedogs
19/12/2013 06:30:18

Every dog needs a t.v. We insist

19/12/2013 07:40:32

A little known fact: HoW's shrink in the rain. About one foot an hour, but faster than that if wee beans are aboard.

Bev D
19/12/2013 08:12:35

Oh Linda... Imagine 4 furry friends and two human beans. It would shrink even faster lol

Kenzi Hunter
19/12/2013 09:50:02

Loca, I love you, and I hates to get my paws dirty too...we have cold snow here that freezes mine...sometimes is sits down and pathetically lifts one paw up so my mama feels bad for me...lol


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