Morning LBL and merry happy Christmas Eve Eve :-) 

We are busy packing up now to move to Charleen’s for Christmas – Layla has negotiated with dad that she can keep her French stone but now we can’t find it – she is frantic with worry as she said it was very dear to her – she said she isn’t moving a hairy muscle until it is found – I fear some other dog (maybe Diesel) has stolen it L  I heard mum say to dad to go up to the field and find one that looks like it but I think they may be under estimating my sister’s ability to recognise her stones!

We started watching Sons of Anarchy last night on the tele – oh my hairy word how badass are they??  They make LBL look like a Sunday school reception class lol ………. Having said that, we definitely don’t want to get that tough because loads of peoples ended up getting dead and we don’t want that!  So instead of shooting people who annoy us I think we will stick with peeing on their beds!  And instead of herrow-win and marry-wan-a we will stick to cake and biscuits!  If you eat enough cake it has the same effect anyway, Alfie says!  I have shared a wee funny that mum got on her facebook page – we think it is very true as our main motto in LBL has to be to live and let live – that way, hopefully, nobody ends up getting dead!!!

I have to go now because time is short and so am I :-)  

Big loves

Loca Elizabeth Orr (LBL) 

Tracey Auger
23/12/2013 07:27:54

Hi Loca! I've seen every episode of Sons of Anarchy and have them all. I just love Jax he is so darn cute. Have a safe trip to Charleen's House

Mary Strong
23/12/2013 08:10:27

Travel safely everyone and have a most wonderful Christmas!


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