PictureI don't like 'fairies
We are somewhere just north of London – I’m not sure if we will see the Queen in London or not – it’s probably a bit early for her to be up and about.  Besides, London is humungously big – way bigger than Belfast so the chances of seeing her are slim.

We had a great first day yesterday apart from being on the fairy!  Nobody told us that dogs weren’t allowed to go with their mum and dads but had to stay in the vehicle ….. we nearly shat ourselves when we realised and I cried!  Mum asked the man if she could stay with us but he said no – he was clearly a big-hott and no good will come of him!  He said it was dangerous for human beans to be on the car deck when the boat was driving …. Excusefecking me mister – if it is dangerous, why in the name of all that is Holy are you making dogs stay on it???  

To be honest I only cried for a wee minute because Layla said she would look after us and it wasn’t too bad.  I made sure I started to cry again though when I saw mum and dad coming back so that they would think I had been crying the whole time :-)  it worked and mum let me sit on her knee for the rest of the day ….. result!!  

We had four walks on the way up from Scotland and Lucy was delighted to discover that there are sticks in Scotland – we didn’t see any men in skirts though – tiny bit disappointing because we heard they don’t wear any knickers and rude stuff like that makes us laugh :-) 

Last night we stayed in a motorway service station which was beside a big park – there were no other cars around and we were able to play for ages outside – Mum, Dad and Katie drank a few boozy stuffs and we all had a great time :-)

PictureLucy and Layla discover that Scotland has some really big sticks

Bit of a hullaballoo at bed time because Dad announced that pugs had to sleep on the inside of the bed and not in the middle like we normally do!!  Alfie and I put up such a protest in the end they had to give in and let us back to our rightful positions …….. this resulted in Dad being freezing in the middle of the night because he couldn’t get enough duvet … bad planning on their part – they should have bought a bigger duvet.  They have both been grumbling all morning and I heard them say they are going to try again tonight to get us on the inside …. NOT happening!!  Human beans are very slow at accepting the inevitable I find – they could make their life much less stressful if they learned to just accept things like dogs do. 

We are leaving Katie off in Surrey this afternoon at 2 o’clock  we are really going to miss her but Mum said Ross needs her more than we do.  Wait till you hear what that big tree did …. The other night he had a few too many beers and ended up sleep walking into one of the other guys bedrooms – the other fella was clearly worse for wear as well because he didn't even realise that Ross got into bed beside him!!!  A single bed no less lol …… Ross woke up in the morning with his arm round this guy :-) He said he doesn't know who was more shocked ……… thankfully the guy saw the funny side of it but the sooner Katie is there to look after him the better!

Tonight we have to get another stupid fairy over to France – we are hoping the French people are less big-hotted and dogs will be allowed to go with their parents ….. but Mum has promised this is the last fairy so it’ll be ok I suppose.  I am going to don my life jacket just in case – better safe than sorry I always say :-) :-)

Beverly Mantych
6/12/2013 20:00:56

I love your new blog Loca!!!! Keep us posted and have fun!

Audrey Sutherland
6/12/2013 21:16:55

Love the blog and the pictures! Can't believe you and your siblings had to stay in the HoW by yourselves while on that fairy. It's a good thing you all have each other, imagine the poor wee dugs that are left there all alone!

Bev Duguay
6/12/2013 21:34:00

We have a "fairy" in Southern Ontario that crosses to Manitoulin Island. They have a special doggy deck so we don't have to leave the pups alone in the car. Never realized how special that was. At least you had your sisters and brother with you. Love the pics. Enjoying your updates. Hope you see the Queen Loca 😃

John Wydra
6/12/2013 21:34:36

Like your blog very much. Especially like reading/meeting your family. Funny to say, your mum and dad are like my wife and I. Kind of scary that our relationships are similar. Oh and I also have a hat my wife hates and my wife can't drive to save her life.lolol

mish keir
6/12/2013 21:37:52

Quick Katie hurry up...your man is sleeping with strange men!!! Hehehe it did make me giggle....I bet Ross was blushing in the morning but better than getting a black eye...I would punch anyone who got in to my bed in the middle of the night...Safe journey and big big hugs xxxx

6/12/2013 22:12:38

Ow your poor wee things, and a couple of big ones, next time get your mum to hide in the HoW and pretend she's not a bean, make her talk dog and you should be okay. Love to all including Howie, Susanna

cheryl peters
6/12/2013 22:24:47

Oh Loca you poor little puglet. I know you pups were scaired.. But glad you got extra hugs and cuddles. Hope Lucy and Layla didn't try to get that stick in the picture on the H.O.W. Hope you spot the Queen. Tell mum and dad to buy a bigger duvet to cover everyone. That makes sense to me. Have a great day exploring. Stay safe. Hugs and love.to you all.

cherri middleton
6/12/2013 22:31:57

awww you poor little things, clearly big - hots and racists, i bet youe poor mum was worried sick, lets hope the french are nicer to hairy children , at least you all had each other to lean on , i bet you had a great time once mum and dad were out off ear shot, jumping on the bed and all sorts. love the photos, the donkey dogs and their stick made me laugh. I think the sooner katie gets to that big tree of a brother ross the better, he doesnt want any more holy shows , who knows what he could do next time lol . safe journey xxxxxxx

Jill McKeen
6/12/2013 22:48:08

Hopefully you're taking a French ferry to France and not an English one! The French treat their dogs like royalty, and they get to go everywhere the big-hots bar them from, like restaurants. Very civilized, indeed!

Mitch k
6/12/2013 22:52:17

I guess the daytime bed and nighttime bed are not the same after all, you win again loca!!

Renee Tennant
7/12/2013 05:32:19

Exactly what I was thinking. I was just talking to my husband this morning and wondering how the Orrs fared on their first day and night of travel in the HOW. I was telling him the daytime bed being the night time bed and saying I would be Loca did not sleep in it last night. Too funny! Definitely a bigger duvet!

Nancy Moore
6/12/2013 23:24:37

Oh Loca, I DO love you! You make me laugh every day. This morning where I am from in Montana, it is cold. VERY cold -22F, which is like -30C to you - so I really did need a laugh. Thank you!

6/12/2013 23:28:13

I'm so excited hearing about your travels. I've never been to Europe and have been looking at maps to follow your journey. Sounds like lots of fun. Sounds like you may need another duvet, can't have day freezing now, can we?

6/12/2013 23:32:15


Rebecca Berkowitz
7/12/2013 00:08:01

Oh, my word! Already the drama. Shame on those fairy guys. They clearly had no idea they were dealing with a prominent gang leader and her posse. Maybe they made that rule because some dog - probably a labrador - took a swim from the side of the fairy once. Now they think all dogs will do it. Eejits.
I'm so glad that the girls found such nice sticks in Scotland. Maybe that gave them enough faith to count on sticks in Spain and France ... so they didn't insist on bringing that great fecker from the photo into the HoW.
I hear from Billy Connolly that the best dogs in Scotland are called Wee Brun Dugs. If you didn't meet any on the way down, maybe you will meet some on the way back. They would be the very kind of dogs you'd want in La Banda Loca. They don't even need leashes.. they just look up and say, "I'm away for a feckin walk" and go and play on the grass verges. He says they really know how to party, too.
Good work on the crying for mum's lap and winning the duvet wars. You watch... Dad will find himself a duvet of his own to make sure there's coverage for everyone's arse at night. My two wee dogs are expert snugglers. They're just not happy if they aren't somehow up against me or at least in my sight on my big old bed. Besides, dogs made a bed much warmer so they're wonderful sleeping buddies in the cold.
Speaking of sleeping buddies - Poor Ross! He needs to count his beers better or one day he'll be in a real mess. I'm glad Katie will be with him again to keep him out of trouble. Some beans just don't do too well without supervision.

Rebecca Berkowitz
7/12/2013 00:10:06

Didn't get to add ... "Big Love From Chicago!" (where it's -22C outside today! Glad I have a big duvet here too)

7/12/2013 01:00:49

Well Loca, I guess not all Fairy Princesses are what they're cracked up to be! Good luck on the next one. Makes me a little sad thinking of you and the pack all alone. I can imagine how your Mum is worried! Maybe suggest an Irish Coffee (without the coffee) to help ease the worry. I'm from California so we treat worry a different way, but you need a license for that and I'm not a doctor. I don't even play one on tv:(
Good Luck Loca and Orr Family!!
Rachelle, Smokey and Winchester

7/12/2013 01:11:54

How exciting! Fairy men can be so not caring. Sure Lyla took great care of you but so much better on mums lap! Try to sleep during the next fariy ride so you will be able to enjoy seeing all of France. Take tons of pictures too! Viva La Banda Loca!

Patricia Work
7/12/2013 01:17:21

Those fairy people are bad ! I hate you creid! Really, your dad needs to just go to a shop and buy a bigger blanket and stop any fuss.! Hope you are having a good time, see I am blogging!

Ellen Templeton
7/12/2013 02:54:22

Love the new blog...just love it! It is so much better than Facebook! There is so much room for your stories and pictures...it just adds to the experience! :) I knew you'd have great stories on your journey and your haven't disappointed! I hope you get Mum and Dad to get with the program on sleeping spaces, 'cause in the end, it will be your way. They may as well accept that early on. Our pugs have always been the bosses and that is the way it is here. We have learned to do what they want in the beginning otherwise, they will be relentless and eventually get their way. Bless them, we do love them all! It's a pug life! Joy on your journey, Loca and family!

7/12/2013 04:10:47

Loca, that is one bad ass, scary mutha fecker photo of you in the background!! I'm too frightened to write anything else!

Jill Johnson
7/12/2013 04:39:14

Hi Loca - Glad to hear you made it to London. If you see the Queen, do invite her to the HoW for some tea and report back to us! Loving the new website!!!

7/12/2013 04:45:03

I had a very good laugh about Ross that was too funny. How is the weather? We are usually cold here in Oregon it was 18 degrees at 8am! I hope it starts raining soon so it will warm up.

7/12/2013 04:52:36

Such a great blog Loca!

Teresa Kelley-Brooks
7/12/2013 04:57:26

Yoooooooooo it sounds like the pups & beans are off to a fun start on holiday. You should come to Washington because the fairy men are not so hotty. Bailey got to stay with her beans on the fairy from Seattle & the workers even carry pup treats!! There is the small matter of crossing the Atlantic & then the continental US to get to the northwest corner, but we'd make it worth your while. Love to all & safe travels. Hopefully Katie will keep Ross in check. Enjoy the journey xo Fionn, Bailey, & beans xxx

Freddie's mum
7/12/2013 04:58:06


Virginia Calvillo
7/12/2013 05:04:36

Loca, I love the new blog. Wish you lots of luck with it.
I must agree with you, if it is dangerous for humans than what about dogs. Sometimes us humans are not so smart. Safe travels.

Nancy Melenick
7/12/2013 05:06:31

Poor Loca! Sounds like a rough journey! MiMi pug would have been scared, too, if we had to leave her alone! She goes on the "fairy" with us to a little island in Lake Erie. They let mums and dads stay with their pugs on the lower deck. Better luck with this "fairy"! Love the blog!

Shell Fry
7/12/2013 05:09:52

Stuff the fairy drivers, I say. How was your belly after the trip? Hope you didn't eat to much before getting in that bloody fairy...... Or the fairy driver might of got his what for. Hahaha.
Keep safe and enjoy the rest of your trip. Love your work, Loca. 💜🐶💙

7/12/2013 05:27:59

You are makeing very good time, I was invited to dinner last night at my mum and dads friends house I was so excited, but was not allowed to have chicken or cream cake, but managed to polish of a few aussie christmas beatles, happy hols

debra gentile
7/12/2013 05:34:45

Love the blog ..........sounds like you are having a great time. Love being able to go on the journey with you ............

Teri M
7/12/2013 05:38:17

hello Loca and family..can't talk much today, my wee pugs are waiting to go for a little walk to play in the snow...they won't go out for long because they don't like the cold. We are happy to hear you are having safe travels so far, but dam them fairy men!! I think they don't know about the "Gang" and our leader....well safe travels and lot of pug hugs and love XOXOXO oh your blog is working out great!

7/12/2013 05:55:17

Love the new blog, Loca! Can't wait to read all about your HOW adventures. I never miss an episode! :-)
Safe travels to you and your lovely family.

Irmgard Upmanis
7/12/2013 06:15:39

Love the new blog, Loca. It will be nice to see some photos of your holiday. Maybe you could go over to France using the Chunnel. That way, you won't have to worry about any ferry men.

7/12/2013 06:33:39

Mean fairy man!

Rhonda Wright
7/12/2013 06:43:43

Oh Loca...those fairy people sound dreadful! I do hope the French are better to you. It sounds like you guys are having fun. Wish we could all caravan together and travel all over :)

7/12/2013 06:49:55

How rude of the fairy man to do that to you all!! He ovbiously does not know who you are. If he knew you are the head of a LBL then he wpuld have shown more respect I think. Next time you may have to show your credentials loca :)
Stay safe guys

7/12/2013 06:55:12

Hey Loca!
I was just wondering if you will ever come to Canada - we would love to meet you!

-Karine, Loca's #1 Canadian fan :)

7/12/2013 06:56:24

I love you, Loca. And I love all of your family. You are all he best.

Jennifer Wright
7/12/2013 06:59:29

I LOVE your blog!!!

Lisa Berry
7/12/2013 07:15:02

Oh Loca, you know you have to give those fairy men some crap, literally!!
I sure hope Ross was wearing pajamas on his little adventure!
Have you, Alfie, Layla and Lucy ever had Bully Sticks?? Serenity Pug says "Hmm, Hmm good!!!"

Jackie Hillhouse
7/12/2013 07:41:23

Sounds like you guys are having a blast! I laughed so hard at what Ross did I almost Peed my pants!!! Love to all.

Julie lepre
7/12/2013 07:54:29

Glad you are all having a wonderful trip. I guess a book will be next about u

Sonya Petrusse
7/12/2013 07:58:20

Love your new blog this is so exciting!!!

7/12/2013 08:00:25

Wonderful Blog - love it - boo on the fairy dudes!!! They seem like bullies! :( lol @ Ross - yes it definitely sounds like Katie needs to be there to look after and tend to him! Yay for Lucy finding sticks in Scotland and sorry you didn't get to see any men in skirts!! :) I'm sure mum and dad will allow you and Alfie a little leeway in the bed if you promise not to hog the whole thing and allow dad some duvet!! :) <3 love to all and have a wonderful holiday!

Lynn Evarts
7/12/2013 08:32:29

I'm so very pleased that there are sticks in Scotland. My husband thought I said "snakes", and then I had to explain to him that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, and you guys just left there! Anyway, I'm sorry about the "fairy", but it sounds like you all are having an excellent time so far! Can't wait until you get to Spain!

Tommie Ealy
7/12/2013 08:45:52

Hello Loca, head of the LBL, from Texas. Enjoying the blog. Sorry about the fairy guys. They don't seem to be very bright, thinking it is ok for dogs but not beans to be in the HOW while crossing the water. Definitely put you life vest on for the next trip.

Have a fun and safe journey. :-)

7/12/2013 09:24:58

Loca, Yoda's mum here. i ran into the same thing with that stupid fairy with me wee girls. i was horrified when they said they had to stay in the car. i even had to go on the fairy with STRANGERS from lithuania cuz they stopped allowing pets to come with walk on person. i came with the family and my hubs came as a walk on with our luggage. i didnt even know where he was for 2 hours and there i was separated from my girls and totally freaking out! the lithuanian family was so nice, but only their son spoke english. the mum took care of me just like a real mum and they even gave my girls a silk blanket. God always looks after us.

Carolyn Young
7/12/2013 10:30:10

Love your pictures. You guys are all so cute? Is a big stick!

7/12/2013 10:44:48

I lovE the new blog! Keep em coming Loca! Lots of of scratches behind the ears.

Susan Smith
7/12/2013 10:58:45

Loca, how dare they make you stay in the HoW with no human beans on the Fairy. do they not know who you are? Mum should have told them you were the world famous Loca the Pug and leader of the LBL Gang! i know you will miss Katie, but it appears Ross needs her more (silly Tree Bean). Enjoy the rest of your holiday and the middle of the bed. One can never have too many duvets.Pugs and kisses from VA.xxxxxxxxx

Karen Bliss
7/12/2013 10:59:34

Love the new blog and the pictures! Thank you for Apache Hunction, Arizona;) We finally got winter weather here;)

7/12/2013 14:22:55

I love the new website and blog! I do have a question.. Where do I send my picture of us with our calendar so we can be on here too? Thanks!

Lesley Sinclair
7/12/2013 19:10:43

I mentioned the fairy and dogs having to stay in the cars to Lucy. She says you should do what she does and bounce around a bit to set the alarm off everyone (mum) comes running and lets her out.

7/12/2013 22:20:58

Man we wish we were with you all. Gunther (pug) would cause mayhem with you all along with his mommy.

8/12/2013 00:34:30

Good description of your fairy ride, Loca. But remember, some good came out of the bad part...you got lots of special attention from Mum. I would love it if you would tell about the route you have taken so far. I want to keep track on my map. Oh, and I guess Ross's roommate will be locking his bedroom door from now on. What an awesome story.

8/12/2013 00:52:06

Well what an adventure you are all having. Super.

We won't take a 'fairies' any more because of how they treat dogs. We used to travel to Ireland a lot, but since having our gorgeous boys we won't do it anymore. We cannot leave our babies alone in the car and think it's disgusting that we cannot be with them or even check on them. So we don't do it anymore :-(

Loca be brave and enjoy your adventures.

Love to you all

8/12/2013 00:54:50

P.s When you get back from your adventures, can you have a think about setting up a petition to make these 'fairies' dog friendly please. We need your help xxxxx

8/12/2013 09:59:50

I have visions of fairy men dressed like Tinker Bell in my mind right now---hehehe---great blog, Boss Loca!


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