PictureOur camp site (Dad take note)
Well, I’m happy to report that the ‘turning’ incident has been sorted.  We discussed it last night again when everybody had calmed down and it has been agreed that Dad can have his 2 turns a night – just the first one has to be as soon as he gets into bed and the last one has to be first thing in the morning J

We had a wee giggle last night – Mum and Dad were drinking boozy stuffs and on our way back from our bedtime walk Dad took us all up to the wrong HoW – only the fact that Layla and Lucy were pulling on their leads deterred him from going on in – mum laughed so much she cried – we could just imagine the faces of our fellow campers if 2 strangers and 4 hairy dogs descended on them in the middle of the night – if it had been our non biking biker neighbours they would have thought we were invading them hahahahahaha 

PictureThe new veg-a-tear-ean me. I think I'm looking healthier already
Oh my hairy word – I had the most awful realisation yesterday.  Alfie and I were out for a walk with mum and this guy drove past us on one of those wee moped things with 2 wheels and he was holding a poor wee dead bird upside down.   We all said ‘ahhhh poor wee thing’ but then, oh my friends you aren’t going to believe this, mum said …………. ‘looks like somebody is having chicken for tea’  WHAT??????  Nobody ever told me that a chicken was a bird!!  Why have I not been told this??  I have been eating chicken, happy in the belief that it is made in Asda and it turns out I have been eating a fellow animal.  I am disgusted with myself and am, from this moment on, a veg-a-tear-ean!!  I am going to stick to sausages from here on in as my favourite food and cream with cake of course – both of those things are definitely made in Asda!!  If it turns out cream with cake is some sort of weird animal I am going to shoot self!!

Anyway, aside from that wee hiccup, we really are loving our trip and, better yet, it is only 10 more sleeps until Santa Paws comes J  I’ve emailed him to ask him to remove the 10 chickens I had asked for and to replace them with 10 packets of sausages.  I can’t actually believe that he brought me chicken last year – clearly nobody has ever bothered to tell him that they are birds either!!  Flip, I’m just thinking, this may well come as a shock to a lot of you guys as well – if so, I am sorry, but it is better that you know!

Of course, maybe my mum is wrong ………. Come to think about it – it didn’t look like any chicken I have ever had – it had fecking feathers on it and I think I would have noticed if I had been eating them!!  Oh dear, I am now a bit confuddled – Dad has always told us not to pay too much heed to anything mum reports as a fact until we have checked it out with him or Alfie has researched it on google!  Ok, let’s all calm down – I will get Alfie to look into this and report back on our findings asap …. In the meantime, I think it is safe for us all to continue to eat chicken so long as there are no feathers on it – I think!

Ahhh for fecks sake – if it turns out mum was wrong I am going to have to email Santa Paws again!!  He is going to think I am a flipping idiot …………

AJ & Ginger Hoosierhugpugs
14/12/2013 18:19:11

Our mom said you better email
Santa Oaws again cause sausage is from animals too! Big hairy ones. Cows or steers! You maybe off them too! She also told us that in some countries the ray cat and dog!!!!! We gonna Google this one

Monica de Lourdes
14/12/2013 18:46:56

Dear Loca. First of all I must said you look tired I guess your family is not letting you sleep the bunch of hours a pug needs. PLEASE MOM let Loquita sleep more. Second you should stick eating chicken cause sausages nobody is sure what they are made of rumors said from dead animals on the highways to claws and organs from cows :s
and yes chickens are birds but they are raise to be eaten and have no feathers when we eat them. I confess I would like to be a vegetarian but I love chicken and a good beef. Btw do you know in China people eat dogs? and did you know your race were originally from there and your ancesters were the emperaror company until revolution came and people ate all royal pugs :/ luckely some of you were already taken by british Royalty and kings from Holland too.
well now my comment is too long but I feel like in the mood to chat with a pug because mine is sleeping hahaha take care. Blessings to you all from Mexico :)

Lorraine Pudner
14/12/2013 19:14:16

Dear Loca, I shouldn't worry too much about eating chicken, we human beans eat lots of different animals, pigs & cows as well along with many other kinds & did you know that in France one of their favourites is horse meat, they call it Cheval. Mum will find it very difficult to find things for you to eat if you become a
veg-a-tear-ean, you may starve!! I'm afraid to tell you but even cream cakes have animal products in them. So fear not my little Pug & eat whatever you like with a clear conscience.

14/12/2013 19:59:17

My poor Loca my love, I hate to be the one to tell you, but sausages come from my second favorite animal- Piggies. This is why I do not eat them. Or pork chops. Or ham. Etc.
But!! Chickens, for the most part are raised to give us eggs, and to feed us. Sometimes I feel bad for eating them, but they are so feckin good, that feeling doesn't last long!
Watch out for feathers my Sweet. 8o)

Lisa DiBartolomeo
14/12/2013 20:57:40

Its ok Loca, chickens are raised to feed us. They aren't companion animals like cute little pugs and boxers. If you become a vegetarian you will have to eat a lot of beans for protein. You know what too many beans will do to you, right? You'll be able to compete with Lucy. ;)

14/12/2013 21:34:16

Oh Loca....listen to the gang...although chickens are animals, they are raised for feed...and the produce eggs. Now sausage is another story..most of them are made from cows or pigs, I don't eat pork....from pigs...I like sausage and buy turkey sausage. My daughter..Marley Pugface's mum is vegetarian, and it's a royal pain in the arse having to add a veggie dish on occasions, like Christmas dinner...Love the story about your dad almost invading another HoW.....too funny!

Ellen Templeton
14/12/2013 21:48:34

Oh, sweet Loca, you are clearly suffering from a lack of sleep. Don't let those things Mum says upset you so. Like Dad says, she doesn't always have a handle on things. Hehe. (This was oh so funny, though!) Settle back in with your chicken and don't worry about adding sausages. (You don't really want to know what they put in that!) Enjoy your trip and, by the way, consider giving Dad at least 1 turn at night. He did drive all the way to Spain. The poor guy needs some quality sleep time. :)

Susan Smith
14/12/2013 21:59:32

Loca listen to the LBL gang. we will not steer you wrong. Chickens are raised to eat, so enjoy! Our fearless leader needs to keep up her strength! As for Dad almost taking you to the wrong HoW, maybe you could put up a big sign to help him find his way home(I suggest loads of blinking neon lights) LOL Glad you guys are having a good time and great weather! Pugs and Kisses from VA.xxxxxxxxx

Sachi's Mom
14/12/2013 23:29:32

Ha Ha-that boosy stuffs is tricky! But I imagine one HoW looks quite like another-no harm no foul! Loving the blog-impressed with Mum and Da for doing it so well! Long Live LBL!! Mile High Kisses from Colorado USA!

joyce gassman
14/12/2013 23:47:10

Hilarious! Glad to hear the sleeping arrangements have been sorted out. I still remember my oldest daughter's face as she was eating chicken when she realized that she was eating a bird (she loved birds). She had a pet love bird that was always on her shoulder even when she swung outside or ate meals. It took years before she ate chicken. Even now she won't if it's a whole chicken or parts with the bone and she is 30! Love your adventures and pics :-) Is that Lucy sleeping by the HOW?

joyce gassman
14/12/2013 23:50:40

Oh, just looked closer ans saw Layla & Lucy. :-) the comment by the pic cracked me up!! ....dad take note LOL

15/12/2013 02:07:35

Dear Loca, I a jealous of the campsite you have. I see palm trees. We live in the Pacific Northwest in the US. We stay in campsites that have big fir trees, like Christmas trees ... and lots of mountains and cool forests. We don't camp in winter because it is way too cold here but in spring and summer we camp a lot. We love our motorhome and Mom said that we have the motorhome so we can all travel together. Mom used to live in Hawaii and she said it was warm, had lots of palm trees but no motorhomes. She said it was an island and you could drive around it in a few hours. We are jealous of the fact that you and your family can go to Europe to camp. We can't figure out how we could get to Europe in our motorhome because it would take days and days by fairy boats and cost lots of money - whatever that is. Mom said that we can live "vicariously" (that means enjoy your travels in our heads only) so we all look forward to hearing about your travels. We are happy that Ho Ho is coming to see us too in a while. We don't think Ho Ho will be bringing us a lot of toys since we have tons but we do think he will bring us chewies and soft coats to take off the chill when we camp. We look forward to Mom reading the blog to us and are so happy to learn things from you each day ... keep camping and stay safe. Love from Tuck Tuck and Kona (a sort of donkey dog).


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