Before I begin this morning I just want to take a wee moment to thank all my wonderful gang for their support of my blog.  I know a lot of you would still just prefer facebook (and to be totally honest so would we sometimes because it is much easier) but the bosses of facebook seem to be making all sorts of changes that most of us don't understand ........... more on this later in the blog .....

Anyway ........ I love Spain :-)  We are having the loveliest time - I do miss my family and friends at home but it really is great here.  I also really miss the free food man and I hope he doesn't forget about us - I sometimes worry that he is going to our house every Monday with our free food and we are not there - I hope Lesley Anne and Robyn are being nice to him! 

Speaking about LA (Lesley Anne) and Robyn - they were telling mum the other night on the phone that those ginger feckers have taken over my house.  LA said they are in ALL the time now that we have left - they are sleeping just wherever they feel like and have even been inviting their mates in for dinner!!  Robyn said there were two strange moggies in our utility room the other day, feeding their ugly mugs on Willie and Nelson's food!  That will all have to be sorted when we get home!!! 

Oh you remember our La Banda Loca member, Lee, who wrote an article about me and a general one about dogs - well he has written a letter to the boss of facebook because they are being a big bit bold!  Now, I don't really understand what is going on but it appears they are trying to get public figure pages (like ours) to pay for advertising so that all their followers will actually get to see their posts - Mum said this explains why we are getting lots of messages from gang members saying they hadn't seen one of my posts for ages .......... I fear the boss of facebook might need a dog to pee on his bed - or give him a nip on his knackers!!!  

I have put the link in for you to read - if, like me, you don't really understand just smile politely and nod profusely (that makes people think you understand every word :-) (the link is at the bottom of my blog).

Lastly for today - you know the way we aren't allowed to bark - well it appears that not all other dogs have this rule!  We were outside yesterday sunbathing, minding our own business, when this wee tiny dog walked past with his mum.  Well, he opened his little gub and barked like a mad dog at us. We all tried sooooooooooo hard to follow the rules but the temptation proved too much and we all started barking like mad dogs in return - oh my friends, the poor wee thing almost shat self - he literally jumped into his mum's arms - he clearly hadn't seen my donkey dog sisters when he started his rant :-) :-) 

Ok, I gotta go now - breakfast is ready and then I have some serious sun to enjoy ....  ahhhhhhhhhhhhh me gusta mucho Espana :-) xxxxxxxxxxxx
17/12/2013 21:26:28

Glad to hear that you are having fun in the sun. Don't waste too much energy fretting about the ginger'll sort them out once you step back through your door at home. We are up to our arses in fecking's brutally cold...ugh! Only one more week until Santa Paws comes to visit you...exciting time!!

17/12/2013 21:36:37

Where's the link Loca?

17/12/2013 22:03:48

Brenda, it's the box below Loca's sign off that says "link to Lee's letter"

19/12/2013 02:47:30

Thank you - good letter. Totally agree that FB is going to shoot itself in the foot fairly soon now.x

17/12/2013 22:10:05

I "liked" Lee's page after your post so I saw his letter the other day and have heard about it from other sites. One site said to keep on getting regular posts be sure to like, comment or share daily posts regularly. But it is stlii bull...... What Facebook is doing

June Thomson
18/12/2013 00:27:55

Quite handy having donkey sized sister sometimes lol. Poor we dog is probably still shaking. Don't know why folk allow their dog to do that, just as well we have the Banda Loca to sort them out now and again lol. So the Ginger feckers have taken over? They probably think you have gone for good. Would love to be there when you crash that party haha. Glad you are having a fab time xx

18/12/2013 01:37:00

What a bunch of feckers!!! Tell them to shove it!! We can do with the blog just fine! I think all 4 dogs should find the guy and lift there leg( although should I say squat, although, I a wee little girl lift my leg)!!!

18/12/2013 08:44:00

Love your blogs Loca, great to hear you are having a wonderful time. Mr FB needs to lighten up a bit, getting a wee money hungry. Must admit I just go to your page rather than waiting for it to show in my news feed. Enjoy your day xx

Mary Strong
18/12/2013 09:51:43

We just shared Lee's letter on my fb page & hit Like on his. While it is possible to see both sides of this issue - Mr. Z et al is well advised to reconsider in our case. It's Christmas for heavens sake!


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