Morning my gang - well, I must say the general reaction to my horrific treatment did not get the response I expected!! A few of you, were very sympathetic to my plight but the majority of you appear to have sided with my perpetrator!! I was gub-smacked (not literally this time hahahah) ............ anyway, at first I was a wee tiny big bit raging with you all and I was going to de-gang-banger you all but then I thought .... you all can't be wrong so that only left one other option ......... I was in the wrong! Not completely my fault of course - in fact only a wee tiny bit my fault 

Anyway, I said sorry to my mum and came out of my fake depression - she said she was sorry for smaking me too but she was just worried I was going to break my face - so all is once again well with my world. I hate it when me and mum fall out - it makes me very unhappy in my hairy heart.

She was speaking to my big bean brother Ross yesterday - she said she fears he hasn't drawn many sober breaths since he arrived in Switzerland  but she said he sounds really happy and he and Katie are having a great time .......... she got a bit sad because she really misses that big tree something shocking so we all gave her a hug and reminded her that dogs are much better than sons because they don't feck off and leave you  - that made her feel much better!!

Today mum and Charleen are taking Robyn and Chloe to the shopping centre and we are spending the day with dad and Antonio - I am giggling already just at the thought of it  it's gonna be a very funny day   

I will, of course, report all tomorrow.

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