Hey fellow badass gangsters

You are not going to believe this but us dogs didn’t get to go bowling!!!  We were all ready, snacks packed, wee wee’s done and those bar stewards got in the car and went without us!!!!  We were all speechless!  Lucy and Layla promptly shat on Antonio’s lovely patio and I managed to do another wee on it!  Alfie, who is brilliant at peeing at will managed to cover most of the walls :-)  Hee hee hee lets see what they think about that later when the sun comes out :-) 

They had all sorts of excuses about dogs not being able to play because they couldn’t lift the bowls etc…. Eh, excuse us, but we would like to have been the judge of that!  Mind you, when they got home they were all excited to see us and we got bis-quits and ham so it was ok.

Apparently my dad and Antonio were very competitive at the bowling – Antonio has a big table here with a net on it and human beans knock a wee ball to each other on it with a bat – I think it is called pong pong or pong pinging – anyway, Antonio is particularly brilliant at it and whops my dad’s ass every time they play – now my dad does not like a good ass whipping!  He wanted mum to practice with him in the middle of the night so he could get better without Antonio seeing him – mum said if he suggested it again she was going to insert the pong pong bat somewhere where it would never be seen again :-)

Anyway, turns out Dad was better at bowling than Antonio and he won both games :-)  Mum said she has never seen a full grown man so excited!  He hasn’t shut up about it since and I think Antonio is ready to insert his full pong pong table somewhere it will never be seen again :-) 

Mum has just read this post and said that if any of my gang have dirty minds this is full of inn-e-end-doughs – I’m not sure what they are but I am quite sure none of you have dirty ones anyway :-) 

So my eldest big bean sister Lyndsay arrives today for a few days – I wonder will she be good at pong pong? – if she could manage to beat Antonio I think she would become his favourite human bean child :-)

I hope you are well my gang –  we are all thinking about those of you who are having really yucky weather just now – if I could I would put some sunshine in envelopes and send it to you all but Alfie said it would be impossible to get it in.

Big hairy loves and pug hugs

Loca Elizabeth Orr (LBL) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

11/5/2016 15:48:49

Lol so cute!


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