Hey La Banda Loca - well what do you fecking know - here I am asking for more feast days and there is on right around the corner, right here, in España - El Dia de Los Reyes on the 6th January (thanks so much to all of you who mentioned it) Antonio confirmed that it is a really big celebration in Spain and other parts of Europe and people and dogs get lots of lovely things to eat and presents …. Perfectamente! 

It is to celebrate these 3 kings who came to give Cheesus presents when he was just a baby bean – not great presents to be honest, gold, frankies sense (not sure who Frankie is but he is now clearly senseless hee hee) and a mare! In my humble opinion, these are daft presents for a baby but I am sure wee Cheesus was very grateful anyway. I hope I don’t get any of those things, I will stick to chicken and cream with cake! Maybe in those days they didn’t have chickens or cakes – Alfie said it was a really really long time ago before even my grannybean was born!!

Turns out the 6th January is also Robyn’s Happy Birthday and also mum and dad have decided it is going to be my sister Lucy’s Happy day also – they don’t know her exact birthday cos when they dopted her the man wasn’t sure – he just said she was born in January – so the 6th is going to be her day as well. I think mum is hoping those king dudes come back and give her some gold – mum loves gold …. Don’t ask me why – I think it is a stupid present! 

Ohhhhh also my friends – we made the most incredible discovery yesterday – we have found something even nicer than cherry cake …….. they are little round lumps of heaven called Oreo’s! Chloe bought them for my dad and he gave us one (yeah just one ….greedy fecker) each. I nearly cried it was so delicious. Lucy is going to ask for a packet all to herself for her birthday and she said she will share them with us. I love my sister – she is the best at sharing food (well apart from my wee beans who are also particularly brilliant at it) 

So the 6th it is – I can hardly wait and judging by all the comments yesterday it won’t be long after that before another day comes up Isn’t life just sweet guys 

Sun is shining again today so I am going to go now and enjoy it and think about Oreo’s …. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
4/1/2014 17:56:42


Lost my old guy today. Thanks for at least bringing a teeny smile to my face. Gonna miss him so much but had so many years of laughing at him and his antics. Will miss him so much! Thank you for the laughs you've given me since I found your fb and blog.

5/1/2014 04:29:46

Loca dear - when is your happy birthday?


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