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Morning everyone the new veg-a-tear-ean Loca here and a great deal healthier I feel for it.

Our English next door neighbours left this morning and a great big motorhome has moved in next door and that reminded me of a story I forgot to tell you about our journey down. We were kind of in internet incommunicado at the time.

Anyhow. We had stopped to overnight at a HOW (That’s a House On Wheels to any newbies) overnight stopping place. No caravans or any of those sort of not HOW things are allowed. Now in Irish terms we have quite a big HOW but when we drove in here we were like everyone else’s little brother as most of the HOW’s were huge,

Dad looked about for the smallest one, which was still bigger than us,  and parked beside it to try to take away some of the bad look. We had a little walk (on a lead might I add, much to our displeasure) and settled down for the evening.

About an hour later another HOW arrived and this one was as big as a bus and was even towing a car nearly as big as us. As fate would have it the guy decided to pull up right beside us just as Dad was outside hitting our awning with a brush to try and get it to unstick.

Dad watched this monstrosity park up and the driver looking as smug as a dog with two tails looked over at him in a ‘Having mechanical problems with your little camper?’ kind of way’ and then to add insult to injury swiftly followed that look with a ‘Watch this and weep’ one.

At that he leant over and flipped some switch and up from the roof rose this gifeckingnormous satellite dish which then began to rotate.

The guy had a self satisfied smirk on his gub as he looked down at Dad leaning on his brush/awning manipulating tool and we all watched this dish go round and round.

I saw a smile slowly growing on Dad’s face as it kept going round and round for it now appears this was a ‘self seeking satellite dish’ and much to Dads delight it wasn’t self seeking anything.

The smug look slowly vanished from our new chums face as his £2000 dish took on the role of a propeller and he flicked desperately at switches while the dish spun and tilted all over the show. His efforts were to no avail, and whatever it was looking for was not in the mood for being found and eventually the guy had to give up and lower the massive thing back down.

By now Dad was smirking from ear to ear and when the fella glanced his way Dad pointed at his brush and then at the retreating dish with a ‘Would you like me to whack it’ look.

So the moral to this story is ‘Don’t count your Self seeking satellite dishes before they self seek something’……………

See you all tomorrow

15/12/2013 17:17:36

THAT was Audio worked great...I can see it all in my mind's eye!

15/12/2013 18:45:54

Aww loca what a wonderful story :)) & to hear it in your special voicewas a bonus . Love to all ur wonderful familly . Must have u reading us more of ur fabulouse adventures xx

Jill Johnson
15/12/2013 18:59:22

Hi Loca - I love hearing you tell the tale of the big satellite dish. You sound very wise. Have a great day!

Catherine Dutch
15/12/2013 19:03:43

LOL, Loca, your dad and than man sound like the men in our area with their HUGE pick up trucks with all the shiney bling, LOL... Us gals have know that the less bling the truck has the better it performs.. :)

Sounds like everyone is having a great time.....

Ellen Templeton
15/12/2013 19:10:45

Oh love to hear your blog in your own wee voice! Mum and Dad are so smart to have you do that. You must treat us with that from time to time. Well, as for the wise guy next door, it really gave some satisfaction for the dish to malfunction, huh? Serves him right for showing off! Hehe! Enjoy your travels!! XOXO

15/12/2013 20:50:06

The difference between a boy and his toys and a man and his toys are the $$$$.
Great moral to your story Loca! Great to hear you read it to us too! Have a great day!

bett freel
15/12/2013 22:49:30

actually the one I learned was
The only difference between the men and the boys
Is the size of their shoes and the cost of their toys

Jacqui Reber
15/12/2013 20:54:51

Too funny...good way to post a blog :) :)

nancy cleveland
15/12/2013 21:21:49

Bigger is not necessarily better I guess Dad had a goo laugh????

Anita Goodwin
15/12/2013 21:27:03

Glad your having a great vacation, love hearing the story in your voice. (((Huggss))) from Virginia, USA

15/12/2013 21:41:13

Ha ha....loved hearing you tell that wee story Loca.nothing worse than a smug blow hard with a fecking big me, I know more than one of starting my day with Loca and the Orr family...hugs

15/12/2013 21:48:20

Very cool website. ...'Bout time, too!

Hopefully Loca will now become as popular as that stroppy 'grumpy cat'...

Monique Stewart
15/12/2013 22:16:15

Loca darlin' I LOVE to hear you talk and sing, SO makes my day... But anyway, that's what the guy gets for trying to snub his nose at someone... LOL

15/12/2013 22:29:16

hahahaha...that was "stufeckinpendous"....that was so much fun to listen to and hear "Loca" speak the puglet Kenzi is mesmerized by Loca's voice...she loved it....nice job and a Happy Day to all of you :-)

Lisa DiBartolomeo
15/12/2013 22:33:01

Loved this story. It was fun hearing you tell it, too. Serves him right for showing off and being so smug. :) he might have a bigger HOW but he doesn't have you and your family.You're the best. :)

15/12/2013 22:40:39

OMG, that was fecking hilarious!

Sachi's Mom
15/12/2013 22:52:52

So much fun to hear you tell your story, Loca! Y'all keep up the great fun! Mile High Hugs from Colorado USA!

Tommie ealy
16/12/2013 00:16:30

OMG! That was hysterical. Loved the audio portion. I am so glad you are having fun on your trip.

16/12/2013 04:22:41

Well Loca, that was funny, had mum put the volume up so me and my sisters and brother could hear, so glad you're all having a great adventure x look forward to tomorrow my friend xx

16/12/2013 05:20:15

Brilliant Loca. I had had a rotten day and (as always) you cheered me up x

Bev D
16/12/2013 05:35:01

The size of a HoW can only be measured by how much love it holds. Yours is busting at the seams with fun & love 😃 enjoyed having you tell us about your latest adventure in your own voice 😃

16/12/2013 06:27:01

Oh, Loca, I just love you! :-)
Our two pugs ran to the door and started barking when they heard your voice. Silly pugs. <3

16/12/2013 07:13:52

Hi Loca it was really nice to hear your story, I was very surprised I managed to hit the button to back your words come out of the page. You is becoming a very tek-no-locial pug, we bandas salute you. /0/ Love as always Susanna

Kim Artiaga
18/12/2013 02:44:15


I love hearing you tell the story, we want more!!!


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